Jars are perfect for creams and other substances. We offer four types of jars: Acrylic(PMMA), PETG, PP and Aluminum overshell jars.

Acrylic jars are highly transparent and look like glass. Because of the properties of the acrylic, different decorating techniques can be used. With coating, vacuum metalizing and hot stamping you may create the unique look of your product package.

PETG jars are also transparent. The main benefit of the PETG jars is high resistance to alcohol, unlike the acrylic jars which are less recommended to use with it.

PP jars are the most common, as this material is broadly used in the packaging industry. They are cheap and easy to produce. It is easy to form the desired shape of your jar out of this material.

Aluminum overshell jars have the protective layer of anodized aluminum, a very hard and sturdy material. Anodized aluminum creates a protective layer, which is very resistant to wear from the normal usage. The thick outer coating prevents the corrosion of the metal. Furthermore, the aluminum overshell jars have an aesthetically pleasant finish.