Custom Design

Our Custom Design program will take your new product from concept to delivery. If you are seeking for a packaging product which has a unique design, our experienced packaging engineers and design team are ready to help you out.

Create A Brief: Tell us the aesthetic elements of your product such as shape, color, capacity, secondary decorating and packaging. We also need to know the goal launch date and launch quantities.

Conceptual Design: Our engineers and design team will help to evaluate for the feasibility of the project. We will either develop your current idea or show you new ideas to suit your packaging needs.

Engineering Drawings: We will provide 3D drawings to show you specifications such as materials, shapes, colors and finishes. You can use 3D drawings to convey the idea to everyone in your organization.

Tooling Design & Fabrication: Our tooling engineer will begin designing the tools. We can design and fabricate your molds and construct them under our own supervision, which can ensure quality and adherence to timetable requirements.

Prototype: The prototyping stage is a great time to explore all possible solutions for your products. Prototypes can test the functionality of the design.

Pre-Production Sample (PPS): We will provide pre-production samples to you before the mass production. Once Pre-production samples are approved, our production team and quality control team will follow all the requirements of the quality standard.


Mass Production & Delivery: Once the samples are approved, we will immediately start mass production. Your products will be transported by sea or air based on your requirements. And we carefully work with logistics companies to ensure your product to be delivered on time and safely.

After Sales Service: Your satisfaction and happiness are our ultimate goals, and we hope to establish a long-term relationship with you.