Decorating Process

Choosing the right decorating techniques can differentiate your products from competitors and help attract more attention of consumers at the point of purchase. Presto provides various decorating techniques for you to customize your packaging.

Hot Stamping: is a dry printing method which uses heat, pressure and dye to transfer the image on the surface of the container. This method can be used to roll a 360-degree foil stripe around a container or closure, or to apply graphics and logos with a straight foil stamp.

      Advantages of hot stamping:

  • It's a dry process. Don’t need to worry about mixing inks.
  • Has strong adhesive on the surface of plastic products
  • Provides metallic efforts, especially by using silver or gold color​

Spray coating: is a painting technique that offers the ability to create a customized color, texture or all. In the painting process, the spray guns spray coating inks through the air onto a surface. The spray coating color can be used as a background element. You can apply silk screen printing or hot stamping on the top of the spray coating color

      Advantage of Spray coating:

  • Allows multiple color design solutions: gloss, frosting, gradation, matte, etc.
  • Can create a customized texture such as soft-touch
  • Protects surfaces from scratching
  • High-speed production

Silk Screen Printing: is one of the most popular decorating methods. The image to be printed is the areas are not blocked off. The ink is wiped across the screen to pass through the unlocked pores and reach the surface of the product. Each color is applied separately by using a new screen.

      Advantage of silk screen printing:

  • The following materials are all candidates for silk screen printing: aluminum PP, ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PET, and GMMA (Acrylic)
  • Can decorate 360-degrees of the container surface
  • Multi-color capabilities
  • Textures can be applied when your fingers pass over the graphics

Offset Printing: is a common used printing technique. It transfers the inked image from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to print it to a container. It is usually applied in the plastic tubes decorating process.

      Advantage of Offset Printing:

  • Applies multi-color artwor
  • Create a gradient or fading effort
  • High-speed production

Vacuum Metalizing: is a process of combing metal with a non-metallic container through evaporation. This technique provide a unique metallic appearance for containers.

      Advantage of vacuum metalizing:

  • Adds a unique metallic appearance
  • Works on plastic
  • Fits for any shape container
  • Increases barrier properties

Aluminum anodizing: is an electrochemical process that decorates the component with a desire color.

      Advantage of aluminum anodizing:

  • Increase the corrosion resistivity of the surface
  • Allows long life span and stable color
  • Offers a large increasing number of gloss