Choosing the right decorating techniques can help differentiate your products and attract more attention at the point of purchase.

Our experts will guide you through the decorating options so you can make the best decision for your brand.

Hot Stamping

  • A dry printing method which uses heat, pressure and dye to transfer the image onto the surface of the container.
  • This method can be used to roll a 360-degree foil stripe around a container or closure, or to apply graphics and logos with a straight foil stamp.
  • It is a dry process, so there is no concern for mixing inks.
  • Exhibits strong adhesive properties on the surface of plastic products.
  • Provides beautiful metallic effects, especially with silver or gold color.

Spray Coating

  • A painting technique that offers the ability to create a customized color, texture or all.
  • In the painting process, spray guns spray coating inks onto a surface.
  • The spray coating color can be used as a background element.
  • Silkscreen printing or hot stamping can be applied onto spray coating color.
  • Allows multiple color design options - matte, gloss, frost, gradation, etc.
  • Creates a customized texture such as soft touch.
  • High-speed production advantage.

Vacuum Metalizing

  • A process that creates a layer of metal on a substrate such as plastic.
  • The metal coating material heats until it vaporizes inside a vacuum chamber.
  • Creates a unique metallic appearance.
  • Works well on plastic.
  • Fits any shape container.
  • Increases barrier properties.

Aluminum Anodizing

  • An electrochemical process that forms a layer of oxide on a metal part.
  • Delivers rich lasting color in a wide spectrum of shades.
  • Increases corrosion resistance.
  • Protects the surface from scratches.